I took over these Pioneer S-F1 Custom in a very bad state while they were being tinkled without any consciousness.

One of the loudspeaker had seen the following hazardous moves:

  1. -Wrong handling on a very dirty lab bench resulting in holes and scratches over the diaphragms,

  2. -Bonding of non appropriate foam on the polymer-graphite diaphragms with an acetone based glue,

  3. -Dismantling with force of the tweeter which brok the beryllium on a few places of the inside perimeter,

  4. -Doubtful welding to try a repair on the super-tweeter voice-coil...

  5. -And who knows what else, in short this one is a survivor.

The other loudspeaker suffered from a few wrong manipulations including the dismantling in force of the tweeter.

The boxes saw reckless handlings which led to some destructed feet, a lot of scratches and damaged front grills.

It took me more than 350 hours of actual work and about a year of reflection and researches to end in an acceptable restoration of the loudspeakers. From the ordering of new voice-coils made on technical specifications to the fabrication of a new spider for the super-tweeter, fabrication of custom ultra light and stiff carbon parts for the tweeters and mids, fabrication of surrounds for the mids and woofers, repair of the boxes... With at each time many trials to end in with satisfaction regarding technic and esthetic aspects.

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