Sony SS-G9 Tweeters Repair Project

New repair project for burned Sony SS-G9 tweeters from Fred / Netherlands

Here is a pair of tweeters from the amazing Sony SS-G9 speakers.
Fred sent these to me from Netherlands.
Unfortunately the voice coils are burned and will need to be replaced.

Copper clad aluminum round wire and mica former ! Unfortunately the wire is burned and can not be repaired. The voice coil has to be changed.

The original former (the part under the wire) is made of broken mica !
I’ll have to decide with Fred which former to use for the new voice coil to be manufactured. Because unfortunately again, no one from my knowledge is able to manufacture mica formers anymore.

Zoom on the burned wire and the mica former. Look how the mica is carefully broken into a cylinder.
After dismounting of the voice coil. Ready for a new one !

Update from 2017/08/03 :

I found a manufacturer of Mica for voice coil former !
Samples have been ordered and I’m waiting for the feedback of my voice coil manufacturer.

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