Side system

Sony SS-8150 [] speakers

Sony TA-N7B [] V-Fet amplifier

Sony CDP-X77ES CD player

Kenwood L-1000C pre-amplifier

Sony PS-X9 record player

Sony CDP/DAS-R1a CD player/DAC

Principal system

V-Fet + Balance Drive Carbocon => :-)

This audio system offers remarkable qualities with a very dynamic and transparency sound reproduction all over the sound spectrum. Good balance with a predominance of bass and mids which makes it almost physiologic.

The low register is unique with an accuracy rarely heard on other audio systems. It is very much the result of the association of the crazy tight L-1000C pre-amp with this fantastic Sony Balance Drive Carbocon woofer cut at 1000Hz.

The TA-N7B V-Fet amplifier follows very well the pre-amp while giving a slight “V-Fet” touch so much appreciated in the mid frequencies.

Very pleasant to listen, this system is running during most of my daily activities.

Pioneer S-F1 [] speakers

Sony TA-NR1 [] monoral amplifiers

Kenwood L-1000C [] pre-amplifier

Sony PS-X9 [] record player

Sony CDP/DAS-R1a [] CD player/DAC

Sony CDP-X77ES CD player




This audio system offers high fidelity performances with very high quality low register. Perfect balance, very low level of distortion all over the sound spectrum. Realistic soundstage for an «acoustic concert» listening feature. Emotions don’t come from a musical and enveloping halo often researched by audiophiles, but from the fact that one can absolutely ear everything with respected timbres.

The PS-X9 is used with its own integrated amplifier. The association of the TA-NR1 classe A and its extrem stability with one of the best loudspeaker ever made gives a very clear sound, whatever the musique. The first listening impression is : WOW ! and after a few hours/weeks/months, it is still the same!